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This history of Murdock, Nebraska is now available in book format.  Contact the Historical Society to purchase the book.  All proceeds will go to benefit the Historical Society and Museum.

Read a little bit of history from the book below....

In 1890, the Chicago Rock Island Railroad Company started their line from Omaha west.  It would come through the area.  The railroad needed a town built every 7 miles along its tracks. South Bend was already to the northeast and Alvo would be established to the southwest.  Locomotives needed to take on water about every 7 miles.

The Kansas Land and Townsite Company surveyed and wished to lay out a town in this vicinity.  Mr. Thompson was the land Company representative.  The company really had an eye on the NE 1/4 in Sec. 21 Elmwood Precinct at the intersection of 298th and Bluff Rd. where Highway 1 turns south; but the owner, a Mr. Connelly, kept holding out for a higher price.  The company finally took Louis Eickhoff's price of $8000.  So it was that the land company bought land in the NE quarter of Sec. 15 Elmwood Precinct.  This was done in the fall of 1890. Surveying would soon begin.

What was the new town to be named?  Louis Neitzel bought the first lot sold in Jan., 1891.  He declined the use of his name.  Louis Eickhoff did not consent to the use of his name.  The town had to have a name!  Finally, Neitzel proposed the name of a Rock Island Railroad official….Murdock!  This isn't a very romantic story, but the name stuck!


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